About Us

Welcome to our blog. We are a couple from Pakistan with two adorable boys (the cuties on the right). Our entrepreneurial journey started in 2018 when my husband lost his corporate job.

He has been a professional Electrical Engineer for more than 10 years. When he lost his corporate job, we had no source of income. We were stressed about how unreliable a 9-5 could be.

My husband started learning ways to make money online, while I devoted myself to the mommy job. He took a course in digital marketing, then learned Facebook ads, then tried lead generation website development. Nothing worked.

Eventually, he got some success with online marketing. We started this blog to share our wins, failures, strategies that worked, and stuff that didn’t.

Our goal is to inspire and help, as many people as we can, start an online business or a job in their spare time and scale it to the level to eventually quit their regular 9-5 job.

We try to explain in simple words and step by step so that anybody with the dream of being their own boss can learn and implement everything without feeling overwhelmed.

If you need personal help from us, you can hire our professional services by checking the “HIRE US” menu. We would be delighted to help you hit your goals faster.

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