Affiliate Marketing For Stay At Home Moms ($3000 Per Month)

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affiliate marketing for moms

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This is your step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing for stay-at-home moms and making at least $3000 per month as a complete beginner.

If you are a sty-at-home mom like me, and you don’t want to deal with product sourcing, shipment, inventory, transactions, refunds, customer support etc, then doing affiliate marketing is the best option to make money online in your spare time.

You will not only learn the proven techniques to succeed, but you will also learn how to make the most money with your marketing efforts.

Ready to rock, moms?

Let’s dive in.

This page contains affiliate links that allow us to earn a referral payment for qualifying purchases. This will not cost you additional money, while we appreciate if you would buy through our affiliate links to support this blog. Here is our complete disclosure.

affiliate marketing guide for moms

Why affiliate marketing is the best side hustle


Affiliate marketing is referral marketing, in which you get a portion of the sale when someone clicks your link and buys a product.

The question is, why affiliate marketing should be included in your monetization plan?

Well, there are a million reasons. Some of them include:

Lowest barrier to entry (you can start off right now), very little investment to start, extremely scalable, not having to deal with the hard stuff (creating the product, sales, fulfillment, transactions and refunds, customer service), over 95% profit (paying a little for tools).


how to be successful as a mom affiliate

Step#1: Foundations of Success


To be able to become an expert in affiliate marketing, you just need to model the traits of great affiliate marketers.

My research and experience have shown it all comes down to: 

1. Right Mindset: 

Affiliate marketing is all about providing value, honest opinions, telling the pros and cons of a product/service, and making a recommendation.

95% of people fail in affiliate marketing because they do it the wrong way. I personally know 1 such so-called millionaire affiliate marketer, who tells people to grab his course’s affiliate link, sign up to every social platform out there, and start spamming their affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing starts with understanding the product (What problem it solves, who it is for, how to maximize the benefit from it), finding the right audience, creating the content to attract that audience, and pitching them. 

2. Commitment: 

You have to be committed and be patient if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer.

It’s a real business that has values like ethics, integrity, honesty, truthfulness, and being helpful.

It’s not a get-rich-quick type of business. It takes time to bear fruits, but the grind is worth it. 

3. Right Affiliate Program/Niche: 

Choosing the right affiliate product/program and niche is the single most important decision when getting started.

Three evergreen niches are health, wealth, relationships.

You may niche down on the audience and problem to reduce the competition you may face when creating content and attracting the right audience.

You may go to Google and type “best affiliate programs for (your niche)”. For example, best affiliate programs for home decor, best affiliate programs for weight loss, best affiliate programs for parenting, best affiliate programs for gardening.

While it’s recommended to sign up for digital affiliate offers and recurring paying programs (more on that later in this article), you may also sign up for affiliate programs with physical products to add up more streams to your affiliate income.  

finding niche for affiliate marketing

Step#2: What’s your Niche 

Niche is a marketing term for a topic, vertical, or market. For example, parenting, pregnancy, weight loss, gardening, home decor, DIY (do it yourself), are all niches or markets you can create your online affiliate marketing business around.

Sub niches are subtopics or sub-markets under the broad market. Let’s say you pick parenting as your niche. Then parenting as a single mom, parenting for busy moms, parenting for stay-at-home moms, etc, will be sub-niches under the main niche parenting.

There are many ways to decide your niche.

You may pick your passion, interest, experience, lifestyle, or profession to start your business. Or you can just pick a trending topic, a big problem that people need information about or a profitable market that people are willing to pay for.

For mothers, parenting, pregnancy, home decor, home management, personal finance, gardening, cooking, interior design, pregnancy, are some of the easy-to-go niches.

Pick something that resonates with you and get started.

In the next section, you will learn the best paying affiliate marketing models to make the most money and achieve financial freedom faster.


affiliate marketing for stay at home moms


Step#3: Best Paying Models 

Choosing the right affiliate programs will help you make more money with affiliate marketing.

There are two highly lucrative models of affiliate marketing that can make you a crazy amount of money over time. 

1. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

 High ticket affiliate programs pay you a commission of $500, $1000, or more for 1 sale from your referrals.

And you will only need a couple of sales every month to earn money equivalent to or exceeding your regular 9–5 job salary.

The best part is that you only have to introduce your audience to the offer, and they will close your leads. Since they have very strong and high-converting backend follow-up and retargeting systems to convert your leads into sales.

Online training programs, luxury tour operators, private jet services, fall under this category. You may Google to find a lot of quality programs to promote.

Legendary Marketer, Super Affiliate Accelerator, Commission Hero, are a few examples in the make money online niche. 

2. Recurring Commissions Affiliate Programs 

These programs pay you recurring commissions every single month.

In my opinion, this is the best affiliate marketing model for newbies and seasoned marketers alike for a few reasons.

First, you don’t need to find new buyers to make the exact amount of money every single month.

Second, for convincing people to buy high ticket affiliate offers, you have to give them incentives like free resources, 1-on1 support, weekly coaching, QnA sessions, etc.

Which is not something that I think stay-at-home moms can handle easily. Because we have a very busy schedule with our kids and family.

Third, as you grow your authority, your monthly affiliate earnings will begin to grow exponentially and it will be a life-changing passive income for you and your family.

Software, hosting companies, email marketing companies, online training programs, coaching, marketing automation tools, fall under this category.

Most likely, you will find recurring paying affiliate programs for your niche, whatever niche you pick.


how to find the best affiliate offers


Step#4: How To Find Best Affiliate Offers


So, now you have decided your niche, have picked the model you want to follow, now it’s time to pick the best affiliate offers.

Here are some of the best ways to find the best affiliate offers:


Clickbank is one of the best marketplaces to find affiliate offers. One major downside is that Clickbank is not available worldwide. So, please check if it’s available in your country.

You can find physical as well as digital offers to promote as a mom affiliate. Wow! I like to call that.

Step#1: Sign up and log in.

Step#2: Click the marketplace icon on the left side vertical panel.

Step#3: Pick your category, select the filter “by Gravity” and hit “Enter”. You can also select the filter “Recurring” to find recurring paying offers.

Gravity means the number of affiliates that have made sales promoting a particular offer in the last 90 days. That means products with high gravity scores are popular and quality products.

Step#4: Pick your offer and click the “Generate Hoplink” button to create your unique affiliate link for the offer. Copy and save this link inside your computer.

Step#5: Create a shortened link by going to or any shortening service. This will create a short and beautiful version of your long affiliate link which still has your tracking affiliate id (to track the sales to you).

Step#6: Share your shortened affiliate link with the audience and track sales. 

Model Your Competitors 

It’s always an intelligent strategy to model something that’s already working.

Let’s say you want to start a business around the pregnancy niche. And so, your target audience is pregnant women.

Where you can find them?

The top places are Google, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok. (All are explained a bit more in the next section).

Just search the things like best foods for pregnancy, things to do in pregnancy, etc, and you will come across the articles or videos from your competitor affiliate marketers.

Look for what they are promoting and how. Model them.

If there are many affiliates promoting the same product or course, that means it’s a good product and you should include that into your marketing strategy. 

Google Search 

Another way is to do a simple Google search with the terms like best affiliate programs for pregnancy.

Check the articles and pick a few and make a list.

Now again, do the Google search (Product Name) reviews. Do this for every product you’ve shortlisted.

Pick the ones with great reviews.

You can also go to QnA sites like Quora, Reddit, etc, and ask about the products you’ve picked. 

affiliate marketing for stay at home moms

Step#5: Choose Your Voice 

This is perhaps the most difficult part of the whole affiliate marketing journey.


Because it’s a boring process to keep producing content for a few weeks or months without seeing any results.

Yes, you heard me right. You may not get any sales for some time. And most people quit in this phase. The ones that keep going are the ones that win.

There is good news though. Once you start getting traffic (viewers) to your content, then your business will start to grow exponentially over time.

So, after all the patience, effort, and consistency, you will get unimaginable rewards.

Here are the best ways to create the content and bring your audience.



Pinterest is not only a social platform, but it’s also the 3rd largest search engine after Google and YouTube. Pinterest gets about 1 billion monthly visits worldwide.

There is something really amazing. People use search engines to find ideas, learn stuff, find solutions, find reviews to buy the best products, etc.

All these things follow their buying intent. They want or need something and they search on to find the best to buy.

A lot of stay-at-home moms and busy women have established 6 and 7 figure businesses using Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. You will need to create pins (image graphics) using free online tools like canva.

Pinterest is probably the easiest search engine to get traffic from. Google and YouTube take at least 4 months or more to start ranking your articles for targeted search terms. 


Google gets over 80 billion monthly visits every month. It is the largest source of organic traffic.

If you don’t know, organic traffic refers to free visitors to your website after they have searched a term on Google or clicked a link to land on your website.

You don’t have to pay for organic traffic.

Inorganic traffic is paid traffic. Examples include Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, TikTok ads, Google ads, Twitter ads.

To get traffic from Google or Pinterest, you have to create a blog and write useful articles. You will learn more about blogging in the next section.



A blog is a type of website with informational content that is regularly uploaded.

Most e-commerce or business websites have a blog section on their websites to provide value and insights to their audience about their corporate culture, helpful tips, or to share values.

A blog post may have 500 words up to 2500 words or more depending on the topic and the purpose.

Starting a blog, in my experience, is the best strategy to start affiliate marketing for stay-at-home moms.


First, you don’t have to show up on camera, and second, you can write about everything you want to share that adds value to the audience and improves their lives.

Let’s face it. Not everybody is camera confident. I’m camera shy myself. I can never show up on camera to shoot videos for YouTube or TikTok.

Blogging is a super rewarding way to build your audience. A lot of women worldwide, love to read blogs and get inspiration.

So, if you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to make money with affiliate marketing, then blogging is your best shot to try. 



YouTube gets over 35 billion monthly visits. It’s the second largest search engine after Google. It’s also owned by Google.

YouTube is perfect for building your audience and business if you are comfortable showing up yourself.

People go to YouTube to find solutions to their problems or learn to do a specific thing.

If you have specific expertise or knowledge, or if you know how to use a software tool, for example, then you can make a thriving business on YouTube.

There are basically two types of channels: brand channels and niche channels.

Brand channels are channels where you show up on camera and teach something.

Niche channels are faceless channels where you remain behind the camera and just use your voice to teach something or provide a value of some sort to the audience.

My recommendation for you is to watch this Free Training if you want to learn more about niche channels and how to make a full-time income with this model.


TikTok is the latest disruptive short-form video social app that has created huge buzz worldwide. It gets over 1.5 billion visits every single month.

Before TikTok, YouTube used to rule the video content space. But now YouTube is also following the short videos trend with their YouTube shorts version, followed by Instagram reels, Pinterest video stories, and now Facebook reels.

Isn’t it an app for teens who love to sing or dance?

Yes and no.

Yes, it’s an app to have fun and share weird stuff.

But at the same time, you can create a thriving business with the app.


Creating the content to provide value and build your audience, and redirecting them to your blog, YouTube channel, or any online asset you want. 

affiliate funnel

Step#6: Build the Funnel 

2-Page Affiliate Bridge Funnel 

A funnel is a step-by-step system that your audience follows and ends up taking the taking that you want them to take.

There is a classic 2-page affiliate bridge funnel or website to convert your website visitors into paying customers.

The very purpose of this bridge funnel is to bridge the gap between your website visitor and the affiliate offer that you’re promoting.

Create a 2-page website (, Wix, ClickFunnels), WordPress is my recommended way to start an affiliate marketing blog/website, because it’s cheap and beginner-friendly.

Here is the link to BlueHost hosting for creating a WordPress website.

Here is what a 2-Page affiliate funnel looks like:


affiliate bridge funnel

Email Follow Up: 

Building an email list is the difference between a long-term business and a business on chance.

Your email list is the most important asset of your affiliate marketing business.

Money is in the list.

A list in the online marketing space is a database of email addresses of the people who entered their data to grab a free gift from you on any of your website page.

In my experience, ActiveCampaign is the best email marketing software tool for building your list and building a faithful audience for your affiliate marketing business.

The opt-in page has one purpose only: capture the email address of the webpage visitor.
Basically, you will offer something of great value or actionable to the visitor to get their email in exchange.

Then you will start sending them valuable content and pitch different offers every couple of weeks or days that help them with their business. 

Wrap up: 

So, have you decided on your niche or not yet?

Are you planning to start a blog with a Pinterest traffic strategy, or you are more into YouTube niche channels?

In any case, let us know.

Also, let us know in the comments if you have any questions or want to share some tips to help improve our content.

To your success,

Fazila (busy mom of 2).

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