How A Single Mom Of 2 Made Over $1 Million Online In 4 Months (With Zero Tech Experience)

Written by : Fazila Azeem
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online business for moms

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If you’ve been thinking that you should start an online business as a mom, then today’s post will inspire you to pull the trigger right away. 

Today I’m going to share with you an inspiring success story of Natalie Hodson, a single mom of 2, who was able to make over $1 million in just 4 months selling her e-books online. 

To be honest, Natalie’s story of vulnerabilities, struggles, perseverance, and trying married life has deeply inspired me. Since, as a teenager married girl, I went through some of the similar situations as she talked about.  

Her story and success is a role model for every mom out there, who has a passion to achieve greatness and attain the freedom of making money working from home, while not sacrificing the time with their kids and family. 

So, if you are a busy mom looking to start a side hustle, have no prior experience of any online business, but still want to make money working from home, then you would be thrilled and inspired to learn about Natalie’s success story. 

Ready to learn about Natalie’s success story? 

Let’s dive in.

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Who’s Natalie

Natalie Hodson is a single mom of 2 from Boise, Idaho, who has made a multi-million dollar business empire around her story and expertise.

Her mother has been in and out of jail all her life. She got married and divorced. She had to feed her two kids all by herself. 

She went out to show women and moms around the globe that it’s ok to be imperfect. Everyone has got imperfections, which should not be taken as a symbol of shame and embarrassment. Rather, you should embrace them with grace.

Moms Hate This 

Natalie gained over 70 lbs when she got pregnant with her first baby. She has been a slim girl, and this physical change made her start looking for a healthy diet, right eating habits, exercises, and more. 

She started sharing her routine, lessons, and results online and built her audience fairly quickly. She attracted most of her audience from Pinterest at the time. 

Eventually, she reached 30,000 visitors per month. At that point, she started thinking of monetizing that audience. 

During that period, she became a certified gym trainer. So, she wrote e-books related to weight loss and weight management for women at home. She started getting sales of her e-books. It was an amazing feeling for her since she was able to make money online using her expert knowledge. 

And then, Natalie got pregnant again. She was 70 lbs overweight again. She realized that nobody is talking about the real changes that happen with pregnancies, and how to tackle them. 

She decided to record the physical changes as they happen. She filmed herself showing her belly skin as she bent over to show her audience how it felt like to have babies and the connected physical changes that come in. 

That video went viral, and she grew an audience of over 400,000 on Facebook within a week. She was amazed to see such an overwhelming response from the audience.  

This was the start of her entrepreneurial empire that would change the entire course of her life and of her kids.

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Million Dollar Idea 

After getting little initial success with her e-books, Natalie started a home workout membership program with her little team.  

The idea was to help stay-at-home moms and busy women do the workouts at home and keep their bodies in shape. One day, while the team was filming the workout, Natalie didn’t realize that she peed in her pants. 

She asked her team what to do now. They decided to release the video since their audience would be waiting for today’s workout video. 

So, they released the video. To the surprise of Natalie and her team, a lot of women started to reach out to Natalie saying that they had the same issue after their pregnancy. 

She consulted her friend, who had done a Ph.D. and was a specialist in the same area. After a month following her advice, Natalie had overcome the problem that haunted her and thousands of other moms globally. 

She asked her friend if she could join her and write an e-book for women who had the same problem. Her friend agreed and they wrote the e-book.

online business for moms

From Idea To 7-Figures

Natalie had received offers from a lot of marketers about their interest to build a funnel for her since she was gaining popularity by every single day. 

So, she decided to learn about funnels and learned from Russell, the creator of the one funnel away challenge. This is a 30-day challenge based on step-by-step video training for newbies and experienced entrepreneurs to launch their online business in 3 days. 

Following the training, she was able to hit $1 million in sales in just 4 months. She could not believe that. She just made more money in 4 months than she could make in 5 years with her corporate job. 

How did she do that? 

She had a problem, 

She tried to find the solution, 

She found the solution, 

She got results,

She learned how to launch a thriving expert business, 

She won. 

Being a single mom with no business experience Natalie has achieved remarkable results following the training by Russell. If you want to launch your expert business and want to get paid for your advice, then go ahead and take the one funnel away challenge today.  

Regardless if you’re a complete newbie, a busy 9-5 mom, or just a stay-at-home mother, you can find a specialized skill or knowledge that you have gained over the years that you can monetize to transform your life and of your family.


So, what you can learn from the success story of Natalie? 

First, you deserve more than a 9-5 corporate life. You need to figure out what specialty you have been gifted by God. Refine that, and build a thriving business around that one specialized skill. 

Second, there is nothing we know as perfectionism. Every aspect of your life, personality, or talent should be admired by yourself first, and do the same to others around you who have the same traits. 

Third, humans are born to be compassionate. Think about the problems you’re facing right now. There are thousands of others just like you. Your job as an expert leader is to dive deep to find the solution to that problem, and then help others do the same. When others see their lives transformed, you’ll get the fulfillment you’ve never dreamed of. Money is just a by-product of this whole process. 

I hope to have inspired you by sharing Natalie’s story here. 

Let me know in the comments below, which part of Natalie’s journey resonated with you, or have inspired you to take life by the horns. 

To your success, 

Fazila (busy mom of 2).

online business for moms

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online business for moms
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